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MEMS is the abbreviation of micro electro mechanical system. MEMS mainly includes a micro mechanism, a micro sensor, a micro actuator and their corresponding processing circuits, and blends many micro-machining technologies. Micro sensors, micro actuators, micro members, micro-machine optical devices, vacuum microelectronic devices, power electronic devices and other products manufactured by MEMS technology all have an extremely wide application prospect in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, biomedical sciences, environment monitoring, military and all the fields with which people contact.
Wafer packaged MEMS features low cost and small package. MEMS structures are often packaged in a vacuum or inert gas environment, can be well sealed by glass or silicon, can also be ensured to have high thermal reliability in the sealing process at the same time, can communicate wires to the silicon back by Xitai mature TSV technology, and can be used for packaging BGAs of MEMS devices through RDL and Solder Bump. Its main process has the following procedures:

 MEMS wafer packaging of Kunshan Branch of Huatian Technology has the following advantages:
1. Low cost;
2. High yield;
3. High reliability;
4. High properties;



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