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Fine Pith BGA Chips

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 Fine pitch chips such as AP, BB, CPU, DSP, ASIC and SOCs has been widely used for smart phone, mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop etc. To achieve high performance and low cost, the flip-chip package may be a good solution for electrical and thermal consideration. The flip-chip package includes two solutions: solder bumping flip-chip package and copper pillar flip-chip package.


Flip-chip BGA package

After finishing FEOL process, RDL could make the pad location more practical for I/O fan out. After RDL process, both solder bump or copper pillar bump could be plated on the wafer. After RDL and bumping, thinned wafers are diced to dies. Then the dies are mounted by flip-chip to organic substrate. Mounted chips always are protected by underfill and molding process. At last, the chips are planted with BGA balls.

Our technology can provide these advantages for product:
1.Low cost;
2.High electrical and thermal performance;
3.High yield;
4.High reliability.



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