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CIS Chips

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CIS(COMS Image Sensor,)is a kind of CMOS active pixel sensor which is widely applied in the fields of handheld consumer electronics, road monitoring, industry, national defense, etc.

CIS chip usually adopts a COB (chip on board)mode or a WLP(wafer level package)mode.By wafer level package technology, the area and size of the packaged chip keep consistent with the original area and size of the chip without additional area; the chip has an extremely short electric property transmission distance to increase the operation speed of the chip and reduce its power; meanwhile, the packaging cost of sensor chips is greatly reduced.

Huatian (Kunshan) has mature technical schemes, and can provide high-yield, high-reliability & low-cost CIS wafer packaging services. CIS wafer packaging has the following main processes:

Huatian (Kunshan) CIS process has the following features:
1. Low cost;
2. High yield;
3. High reliability;
4. High properties;
5. High chip area utilization rate



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