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CSP Module

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Along with the prevalence of CSP on low-end CIS, the CSP module with a substrate and a connector is dominated in the market at present.
The CSP module has very short development period and quick mass production capability. We provide customization services and create unique products for customers.

Product Optical format sensor Pixel Output format Connect pin quantity Lens Structure FOV FN Module Type Module head Size Resolution
QTQ219AD00 1/10" SP0A28  2.2.*2.2um Parallel or Mipi 24 XY-059BC 61° 2.8 Connector Type 5*5*2.75mm 0.3M
QTQ220AD00 1/5" GC2235 1.75.*1.75um Parallel or Mipi 24 PPH-2004-03AC 86.7° 2.4 Connector Type 5*5*3.6mm 2M


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