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WLC technology

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WLC module is subjected to mass production by a wafer bonding process on the basis of CSP(Chip Scale Package)of CIS(CMOS Image Sensor)and WLO(Wafer Level Optics)technology, is the development direction of camera module standardization, represents the most advanced camera module manufacturing technology, features high temperature resistance, small size, small height and so on, is particularly suitable for ultrathin products, can realize an ultra-small high-resolution module by a multi-lens stacking technology and is the direction of camera module standardization in the future.
Wafer level camera Process Schematic Diagram
Structure of WLC Module
Structure of Traditional CSP Module

Advantages compared with WLC:
The traditional CSP module is needed to be subjected to FPC manufacturing, surface mount, focusing and other processes, is extremely low in control accuracy of production links and has the alignment accuracy of more than 100μm, while the WLC module adopts a semiconductor alignment technology and has the alignment accuracy of less than 8μm.
Mass production cost is lower than that of the conventional camera.
Thickness is reduced by 30-50%, and subsequent assembly difficulty is greatly reduced.
Excellent process control capability: FFL can be controlled within 3μm, thus realizing the focusing-free process of the module.



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